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To be a Brand Influencer with Influence Wanted you must have a strong social media presence.

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Should I use Influencer Marketing for My Business ?

A common issue within industries post pandemic is marketing. I'm sure you've spent a lot of money on Facebook or Google advertisement. Just to get them shut down or out bid by huge competitor brands, with even larger budgets. Influencer Marketing is the answer you've been looking for. Not only will your sales organically increase, but your social presence will as well. 

What is an Influencer?

An influencer is an internet brand ambassador who uses their influence on social media platforms and websites to promote a product/service. An influencer will promote through product placement in the background of a photo, video, or organically in conversation when engaging with their followers.

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Additional Information

People love us.

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The convenience of Influenced Wanted is what sold me. I can have a campaign strategized and launched within hours!

(The futuristic hippie)

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Being a Brand Influencer with IW really changed my life. I was able to get paid gigs for content creation through the Pandemic

Katlyn Moses - LA

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I've worked with Darling Digital Agency in the past for a website. I'm glad I was able to experience their marketing platform Influence Wanted. It really boosted my ENGAGEMENT and SALES!

Syeda Dixon - canada (Ordinary)

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I love the fact that I'm getting paid to do what I love.

Ira Daniel - LA


  • Luxy (Beauty)
  • (CBD/Hemp)
  • The Futuristic (Fashion)
  • Nano Craft (CBD)
  • Etc.


  • @Vivavictoria13 (CBD/ Beauty)
  • @Dakota of Earth (Lifestyle )
  • @Jamielee_king (Fashion/ Beauty)
  • @JNR CHOI (Music/Entertainment )
  • please contact us for full list

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